Who? What?

Optîmance is a family of privately-held companies dedicated to unleashing the performance potential of people and organizations. For almost two decades, Optîmance has been helping organizations manage change and individuals manage their careers. Today with a team of over 60 professionals, Optîmance supplies custom-designed programs in a variety of areas including strategic change management, coaching and mentoring, senior executive development, succession planning, merger & acquisiotion integration, and career continuation, an alternative to traditional outplacement.

The Situation, Circa 2001

On the heels of a recession , Optîmance faced a welcome problem: an influx of candidates into their career continuation (outplacement) program. Wanting to turn this busy period into an opportunity for growth and differentiation, Optîmance began with two initiatives intended to get the Optîmance house in order. First, to create a consistent online identity for the newly minted “Optîmance” name (and the three companies it included). Second, to create a suite of technology applications that would provide coaching, tracking and reporting tools to replace what was then a tedious, unscalable paper process.

Optîmance pushed the envelope and embraced browser based tools that would increase productivity among their consultants. By capitalizing on what could be classified as first mover advantage in their industry, Optîmance was trying to position itself as a High Touch, High Tech leader in the Career Continuation and Development market space.

Why Bright Corner?

The Optîmance vision coupled with Bright Corner’s objectivity fostered an alliance with a common goal of tangible return on investment. Bright Corner provided a two pronged approach that would balance design and technology needs to meet the strategic objectives identified by both of our companies. This balance of delivery services included the rollout of a unique identity that would extend far past the online requirements described in the Optîmance RFP, as well as a true metamorphoses of internal systems and processes to reach new heights of brand recognition, efficiency and cost savings.

Process / What we did

Having recognized the need for a unique, consistent, and fresh brand identity across all touch points, Bright Corner created an online visual system that was then expanded into various offline components. Critical operations processes, from sales closure to delivery of services and billing, were streamlined based on best practices tempered with what made sense for Optîmance as a business. The resulting applications are now corner stones of the Optîmance business, and mirror a workflow that is in synch with their business drivers and objectives.

The Results

Dallas 100, Inc. 500. Need we say more?

OK. We will. In addition to the wild growth Optîmance has seen in the last 2 years, they’ve also seen significant cost savings and additional revenue sources created as a direct result of the work we have done for them. The technology tools we built and/or integrated are not only increasing efficiency at Optîmance, but have also been instrumental in closing several of their sales leads as well. And the high-tech-high-touch brand? You decide—though we’ll tell you it’s been equally effective.

The best compliment to our services? Bright Corner has been brought on as a part of the Optîmance team on several of their own client projects to provide an objective point of view. Now that’s success.


Ready to get started?

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