Our Capabilities

Bright Corner fuses technology and creative expertise to deliver innovative online user experiences that bring about measurable business results. Below you will find detailed information about each of our professional services offerings.

Web Design

We build effective, compelling web designs for business clients. Whether you are focused on maximizing conversion rates or building your brand, you can count on us for proven results.

Experience Design Strategy

We create business value by helping companies design for people. We explore the interactions between a company and customer in terms of experiences - experiences that respond to an individual's needs, desires, and behaviors.

User Interface Design

Any firm can build a technically advanced and correct solution. But that's really only half of the battle. If users can't understand or use an application, they won't. We place a strong emphasis on making sure applications are usable and helping you execute on this vision.

Application Development

Bright Corner excels at creating secure applications fully customized to your business needs. We focus on solving your unique challenges and creating ROI for your company, whether we're building a web site that sells directly to your customers or creating internal software to streamline your business processes.

Systems Integration

XML has evolved into an excellent medium for communicating between advanced computing systems. But XML will not solve your problems. Bright Corner helps find the most efficient, reliable and secure path between your architecture components.

Application Management

Bright Corner's Application Management service can reduce your maintenance costs up to 30 - 40%. Leverage our onshore and offshore facilities to receive the support your business applications require. What will you do with the time and budget saved?