Systems Integration

XML has evolved into an excellent medium for communicating between advanced computing systems. But XML will not solve your problems. Bright Corner helps find the most efficient, reliable and secure path between your architecture components.


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Every day companies across the world launch new technology systems. But, in our connected world these systems sometimes don't always live up to their full potential without the ability to exchange information. The companies launching this software might be your suppliers, distributors, customers, or even just another department in your own building. Very often, as we are going through a custom application development design, we uncover great opportunities to leverage other systems within a company's enterprise.

At Bright Corner, we view Systems Integration as unifying these disparate systems into a cohesive whole that provides value above what the technologies return individually.

A buzzword can't transfer data

Every system architecture has unique needs. While there is the chance that the latest and greatest technology may be your silver bullet, we always prefer to start from the beginning and understand or direct your long term architecture decisions. A web service may be able to solve your immediate problem, but how that service fits within the larger context of your enterprise system can be the most valuable information you gain during the effort.

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Bright Corner strives to provide our customers a superior online experience. While our usability teams can streamline your users' interactions within an application, our Systems Integration expertise completes that experience by reaching across your organization to ensure the data the user needs is available. We draw on our great experience to help you with yours.


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