User Interface Design

There are a lot of firms that can build a technically advanced and correct solution. But that's really only half of the battle. If users can't understand or use an application, they won't. We place a strong emphasis on making sure applications are usable and helping you execute on this vision.


Friendzy Case Study

New entry to the social networking space stands out from the crowd with an energetic visual design and features built around human behaviors.


Usability Audits

We can take your current web site or application and help you see all the potential room for improvement. Whether it's saving users 5 or 6 clicks on this task, streamlining process, or providing additional context so that users understand better, we can put it together in the form of a nice recommendations document. We can even help you implement the recommendations if you would like.

Accessibility Audits

If you're a government site, or compete for government contracts, you should already be familiar with Section 508 because your web site is required by law to be accessible. However, even if you're not, you should keep in mind that approximately 20% of users have disabilities, and if your site isn't accessible, you're telling every 5th customer that you aren't interested in their business. We can put together a recommendation on everything you need to do to become accessible.

Application Interface Design

The difference a good application interface can make is staggering. For internal applications, it can boost productivity, and for external applications, it can increase loyalty and results for end users.


Related FAQ's

We already have great conversion rates and happy users, why should we have a usability audit?
No site is perfect. Just because your site is successful, doesn't mean that it's the best it can be. We can usually increase a site's usability by 60-80% with very little effort. Imagine more than doubling your conversion rate; that's a pretty good reason from our point of view.
Are we required by law to be accessible?
Currently, the only groups affected are those that receive government money in any form or fashion, this includes government agencies, contractors, public universities, etc.

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